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Sceptre 32" HDTV Ultraslim

Sceptre 32" HDTV Ultraslim

Retail: $229.99 - You can win it for only .99 cents

The X322BV-M is designed as a superior quality picture, high resolution TV with multiple HDMI ports ready for intense graphics display wherever you find room - living room, kitchen, even great as a mounted bathroom TV so you don't miss a moment! Swivel base and USB port make this luxury even more flexible to your needs and wants. Peek to see if it is meant to be yours!

Key Features

  • 32” LED 720P HDTV
  • Slim Brush Patterned Bezel
  • High Resolution 1366 x 768
  • 3 HDMI Ports, VGA, Composite/Component
  • Swivel Base +/- 25 degrees
  • USB Port Ad

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