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Peek Pack 50

Peek Pack 50

Retail: $19.99 - You can win it for only .99 cents

Get started peeking with our starter package deal - 50 Peeks and 1 Big Peek included. Our Most Popular package for those starting out on our site - get your feet wet and look around, there's sure to be something that peeks your interest!

What are Peeks?

Peeks are the currency of the website. When you first arrive to the site, all prices of auctions are obscured. Buy peeks and "Peek" at an auction price. By clicking the "Peek" button of an auction, it will decrease your bank of Peeks by one or more Peeks, denoted by the Peek button. All auctions cost at least one Peek to see the current price and get a chance to win or buy the product. Each Peek used on an auction lowers the price of that item, so check back often to see how low the price will go!

What are Big Peeks?

A Big Peek is a special purchased Peek that will drop the auction price by 10 times the price of a regular peek. Big Peeks are a strategic weapon to be used at a time of your choosing – they can be used towards the beginning of an auction to drive the price down faster or in the final moments of an auction to give you a better chance of being the final peek on an auction and awarding you as the item winner. Ad

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